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ScrollerII Library
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6/5/2005 Announcing .NET TemplateFramework. A suite of components, user interfaces, object model and a parsing engine to handle dynamic messaging in ASP.NET Web applications. Beta version will be available soon.
1/22/2004 New Prduct Retailer: We listened, no more wait for international customers. Instant purchase. Instant delivery soon to come.
10/19/2003 Version 3.0 of NeoCalendarIII is released. Check out the Control home page for the brand new section of this Component. You are going to like it.
9/28/2003 Version 3.0.0 of NeoCalendar is scheduled to release in the first week of October, '03. The new version has a lot more feature…
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Neo Components brings you Components for Desktop and N-Tier Database Application Development, Grid Enhancement & Print, Query Builder, User Assistance, Color Management, Wizard Management and much more...

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 The WizardManager

Why Components?

Create Windows 2000/XP Style Wizards in minutes. A simple approach with no Add-Ins. It couldn't be easier.


ADO is fun, but its also frustrating sometimes. We've built these Component Libraries that won't let you experience the frustrating part. Simply because they handle Errors so well. If you are in Database Applications, you know what we are talking about.


How often do you need to provide ad hoc query functionality in your Applications or filter a Recordset based on user defined criteria?
The AdhocQueryControls Library will make this simpler, quicker and easier to achieve.

Coming soon...

Freeware Controls
Databound ComboBox that replaces the DataCombo Control with many advanced feature

Multicolumn Databound ListBox, with some really cool feature.


Select a range of date, in all possible ways, and generate SQL statements from the selection automaticaly


Version 2.0 of TrueColor

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The most powerful ColorPicker ever. With support for RGB, HLS and Hexadecimal codes, and a 3 Dimensional color panel, let your user select any Color that their screen can possibly display.



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